Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale

Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale

To be sincere when I first heard the word “Human Hair” I shuddered to think if it was real human hair.

I bet I was very surprised when I learnt that the human hair was truthfully referring to real human hair.

Although in the market you would find a lot of fake human hair parading as original hair.

So, how do you tell the fake hair from the real hair? I have answered that somewhere down this article. Read on.

However, if you want to go straight to business write us a comment and we’d forward the details of a reliable hair store that can deliver to you any original human hair you need.

So, for your know original human hair is meant to be real human hair.

Is that even possible? Where can the get enough human hair to constantly feed the market? You might wonder.

Most original human hair comes from India.

In India there is a  religious culture where Hindi’s would always go for pilgrimages and donate their hairs to their temple in India.

There they shave all or some of their hair as a way to purify themselves and as an expression of their humility.

That said I’m sure you know how Indian hairs are usually long, naturally smooth with excellent texture.

These shaved hairs are then processed and packaged to become usable as you can see in the market.

How to Differentiate Fake Human Hair from Original Human Hair?

Experienced hair users can easily tell a fake human hair by simply feeling the texture.

However, hair manufacturers have become so good sometimes it is hard to tell from the texture.

Here I have few tricks you can keep under your sleeve that have helped many hair users to tell fake hair from the original.

To differentiate original human hair consider trying any of the following:

Burn a strand of hair: Take a piece of the hair and burn it. If it burns quickly into a ball then it is original human hair.

On the other hand, if it melts slowly into a ball  or even start dripping due to the nylon in it, then it is fake hair. The burn will also smell like rubber and will produce black smoke.

Bleaching: Bleaching hair is another fastest way to tell fake hair from the original. As with real human hair, if you bleach it’ll definitely change color.

Wet the Hair: When you wet your own hair what do you notice? It will naturally curl up and get wavy. That’s how to tell a real human hair.

If doesn’t curl up but remains stiff and straight then know you have synthetic hair in your hand.

However, note that if you love your original human hair to stay straight you can hot iron it to remove the curls and waves. As you already know fake hair won’t stand heat.

Feel the Texture of the Hair: Like original human hair real hair feels smooth and shiny when rub hand downwards on the hair, but should feel different or coarse when rubbing your hands upwards.

Fake hair on the other hand feels smooth whether you rub it upwards or downwards. That is another easy way to tell the difference.

Look for a Good Referral:  It is common to have hair sellers mix fake hair with synthetic hair. This makes it even harder to tell which hair is fake or original.

So search for someone who have used the product before and take advantage of their referral.

Find someone or a site you can trust to refer you to a good dealer.

If a particular hair dealer is highly recommended then it is likely they are the real deal.

Go ahead, do business with them!

Check the Cost: The cost of the hair is another give away. Stay away from cheap human hair if you are looking for original human hair.

However, you need to be wary and alert. Don’t go for overpriced hair because you are looking for original human hair.

Where to Buy Cheap Human Hair in Lagos?

You can check out one of the hair shops on afrolet to get the contact of one of the hair dealer

Hair Distributors in Nigeria

I guess you would might be pondering if you can find hair distributors in Nigeria.

Well, the truth is, at the moment there is no such thing as hair distributors or factories in Nigeria.

Your best bet to get original human hair factories in Nigeria is to get from a dealer who goes straight to India or other foreign countries to buy theirs.

As we have discussed above in this article, “Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria” we have understood authentic human hair are usually from India.

When you find a dealer who get their human hair from India, then you have your best answer to where to find hair distributor in Nigeria.

 Price might have changed since when this post was made. If the price changed & you know the recent price, kindly help drop it via the comment for us to update