How to Apply for EKDC Prepaid Meter from MAP

How to Apply for EKDC Prepaid Meter from MAP

MAP Prepaid Meter Application Form for Eko electricity Distribution Company(EKEDC) is now available. Here you will get a full guide on how to apply for EKEDP prepaid meter under MAP.

Estimated electricity billing is finally coming to an end in Nigeria as EKEDP customers can now apply for prepaid meter online using the EKEDP MAP Prepaid Meter Application Form and get their prepaid meter installed in their residence within 10 working days.

The metering companies are ready to begin installations of single and three phase prepaid electricity meters to customers who have met the requirements given by their respective DISCOs.

There are 108 metering companies which have been given licenses by FG to supply meters to address problem of discriminatory and arbitrary billing in the electricity sector.

Here is a list of some licensed electricity meter manufacturing company operating in Nigeria;

  • Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Ltd ( MEMMCOL)
  • Mojec International Limited
  • Meron Consortium
  • Turbo Engineering Limited
  • Triple 7


  • #Step 1. Visit EKEDC Website on
  • #Step 2. Download and Fill the EKEDC Prepaid Meter Form
  • #Step 3. Submit the meter application form at the nearest business unit
  • #Step 4. Make Payment
  • #Step 5. Meter will be installed at your residence within 10 working day.

Below are some of the frequently asked question about MAPs and EKEDP Prepaid Meter Application Form.

What is MAP?

The MAP scheme is an initiative from the industry regulation, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission(NERC), designed to reduced metering gap within EKEDP network area. All customers without meter will now be provided with meters under this initiative.

Who are the MAPs?

MAPS are companies who are partnering with EKEDP, with the approval of NERC, to provide and install meters at the premises of Nigerians who don’t have prepaid meters.

When will Eko electricity Distribution Company Commence its MAP program?

The MAP program commenced in May 2019.

Are Meters Under MAP program free?

No. Meters under the MAP program are to be paid for by EKEDP customers. A single phase prepaid meter cost N38,850 while a three phase prepaid meter cost N70,350 VAT inclusive.

Customers who cannot afford to make full payment for the meter can be allowed to meet the MAP on various options available (if any) and on the terms and condition agreed with the MAP.

Will my Outstanding Debt Affect my MAP meter application?

No, it will not, you can proceed to apply. However, you must pay your outstanding debt or enter into a settlement plan and such outstanding debt will be factored into your Meter.

How Long will it take for my EKEDP prepaid meter to be Installed

For upfront payment, MAP are mandated to install meters within 10 working days of payment. For payments in installments, customers will be metered in line with the MAP’s installation schedule.

Customers who prefer not to get an EKEDC prepaid meter, should note that the regulation stipulates that all un-metered customers must be metered under the MAPs scheme and un-metered customers will be denied service by their DISCO.

Also note that customers are NOT allowed to removed their prepaid meters from their location. In cases whereby a customer relocates to another apartment after paying for an EKEDC electric prepaid meter, the customer is to contact the DISCO(EKEDC), once notified, Eko Electricity will transfer the service to the new location including the credit on the customer’s account.

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