How Much Is Auto Gele In Nigeria

How Much Is Auto Gele In Nigeria

The gele is a part of traditional womenswear in Nigeria, and is usually the indicator of fancy dress, much like a fascinator or a hat is in the Western world. Geles have been worn by Nigerian women for decades, but in recent years have become the ultimate fashion accessory for an owambe – your slay game is directly proportionate to how well your gele is tied.

This takes skill however, which not too many have and it is common practice to get someone – perhaps a make up artist or a professional gele tyer- to tie your gele for you, otherwise you compromise your slay. The invention of Auto Gele serves as a game changer, as they provide ready-to-wear geles, tied to perfection and all you need to do is fasten it at the back!

Price of Auto Gele in Nigeria

Before you can ask how much is auto gele in Nigeria, it definitely means you have interest in acquiring one, and as thus, the price ranges around N5000 to N15,000 depending on the steps and the quality of materials used

You can check out one of the seller of auto gele in Nigeria here

 Price might have changed since when this post was made. If the price changed & you know the recent price, kindly help drop it via the comment for us to update