Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Before And After

Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Before And After

Chebe powder is an African hair secret that is handmade and created by the Basara Arad women of Chad Africa.

The women of Basara are known for having below waist length 4C type kinky hair.

So where does Chebe come from?

It is simply a powder which derives from a plant found in Africa.

It is formulated to keep your hair extremely moisturized and lubricated, hence, preventing breakage.

Yes, because the Basara women credit their hair growth only to Chebe powder and NOT genetics.

If you take care of your hair just like you care for a child, then it will grow. And, if you understand the hair growth cycle, you would agree with me.

There are some growth aids like Chebe powder which you can use to help in your hair growth journey.

It has primarily been used on natural hair so if you are natural, this is perfect for your hair.

Here are some before and after pictures of chebe and karkar oil after use

Chebe Powder For Hair Growth Before And After

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