Best Refrigerator and Freezer Prices in Nigeria

Best Refrigerator and Freezer Prices in Nigeria

Do you need a quality and affordable fridge or freezer? are you searching for refrigerator prices in Nigeria, here you’ll find the best fridge and freezer in Nigeria and their prices. A refrigerator is a very important home appliance because its the most efficient way to store and preserve food and beverages. In Nigeria today, we have a wide range of refrigerators from top brands and over the years these brands have proven to be reliable by offering its customers the best and most affordable products.

If you want to buy a chest fridge(deep freezer), upright refrigerator or a mini fridge, here you will find the best fridges and freezers in Nigeria with prices and a buying guide to help you make your choice. Top brand like LG, Haier Thermocool and Polystar have the best refrigerators and freezers in Nigeria. There also other brands I suggest you consider when buying a refrigerator in Nigeria, brands like Scanfrost, Hisense, Midea and many more will serve you well.

These refrigerator brands all have various types of quality products to choose from such as single and double door fridges, bedside and table top refrigerators and deep freezers.


Refrigerator Brand Model Specs Price
Midea HD-273F Capacity: 207 Litres
Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Refrigerator Net Capacity: 166 Litres
Freezer Net Capacity: 41 Liters
Fridge and Freezer Compartments
Haier Thermocool HRF-180EX Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 175 Litres
Jumbo Freezer compartment
Hisense REF35DCB-RB Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 264 LITRES
Bottom Freezer & Water Dispenser
Nexus NX-65 Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 65 Litres
Fridge With Bar
LG 432 Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 437 Litres
DUAL Fridge With Inverter Compressor
Haier Thermocool HR 134BS Refrigerator Type: Single Door
Capacity: 120 Litres
Mini freezer room
₦ 48,042
Nasco HSANF2-22 Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 166 Litres
Fast Cooling, Energy Saving
₦ 69,500


best mini fridge price in Nigeria

Mini Refrigerator Price
Midea 43-Liters Single Door Refrigerator ₦27,490
Nexus Bedside (65 Litres) Fridge ₦29,490
Freezeclime Table Top Refrigerator 121 Litres ₦38,900
Hisense 45 Liters Bed Side Fridge ₦45,000
Midea 43-Liters Single Door Refrigerator ₦27,490
Haier Thermocool mini Fridge ₦37,900

Do you want to buy a bedside fridge for your home or a mini fridge for your office, in the table above are the best mini refrigerator prices in Nigeria. Most people prefer a having a mini fridge in their homes or offices because a mini fridge consumes less power and take little space. These mini refrigerator which are also called table top refrigerators are very useful because they can help preserve food and drinks just like other refrigerators.


Midea Refrigerator Price in Nigeria

Midea Refrigerator Model Specs Price
HS-235L Capacity: 181-Litre
Refrigerator Type: Single Door
₦ 62,990
HD-294 Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 222-Litres
Ice Maker
₦ 116,400
HS121L Refrigerator Type: Single Door
Capacity: 93 LITRES
HD273F Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 207 Litres
Top Mount Fridge Freezer
₦ 80,000
MIDEA 689 Refrigerator Type: Side by Side Refrigerator
Capacity: 530L
LCD touch control panel

Midea Refrigerator are also known for its quality performance. Midea deep freezer prices are very affordable and all products come with one year warranty. The table above shows the latest Midea refrigerators in Nigeria and their prices.


Nexus REFRIGERATOR Prices in Nigeria

Nexus Refrigerator Model Specs Price
NX-170 Wood VCM Capacity: 120-Litre
Refrigerator Type: Double Door
NX-130 Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 87 Litres
NX-601 Refrigerator Type: Single Door Display Refrigerator
Capacity: 501 LITRES
NX-262 Refrigerator Type: Single Door Freezer
Modern Standing Ice Block Freezer with 6 Drawers
NX-550(FF-475) Refrigerator Type: Side by Side Refrigerator
Capacity: 475 Litres
Digitally- Controlled

Nexus single and double door fridges are very popular in Nigeria. These products have received high reviews on various online, therefore making Nexus refrigerators one of the best fridges in Nigeria you can buy for your homes.


POLYSTAR Refrigerator

POLYSTAR Refrigerator Model Specs Price
PV-DD215L Capacity:215 Liters
Refrigerator Type: Double Door
PV-DD202SL Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 80 Litres
PV-UF 377 Refrigerator Type: Single Door UPRIGHT Freezer
Capacity: 300 LITRES
PV-DF429L Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 200 Litres
PV-SF177SL Refrigerator Type: Single Door Table Top Refrigerator
Capacity: 177 Litres

These refrigerators are energy-efficient and have super-fast cool. With a POLYSTAR refrigerator, your groceries will never loose their freshness. POLYSTAR refrigerators are designed to store perishable items for a very long time.


Scanfrost Refrigerator

SCANFROST Refrigerator Model Specs Price
SFRDC092 Capacity:100 Liters
Refrigerator Type: Reversible Door
SFR92-1 Refrigerator Type: Single Door
Capacity: 100 Litres
SFR550 Refrigerator Type: Reversible doors
Capacity: 550 LITRES
SFR350 Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 350 Litres
SFR170SM Refrigerator Type: Single Door r
Capacity: 170 Litres

Scanfrost Refrigerators are very reliable this is why Scanfrost products are very popular in Nigeria. They can also be used for home or commercial purposes and have low power consumption.


Haier Thermocool Refrigerators

HAIER THERMOCOOL Refrigerator Model Specs Price
HRF 180EX Capacity: 180-Litre
Refrigerator Type: Double Door
₦ 99,900
HR-177BS Refrigerator Type: Single Door
Capacity: 146 Litres
₦ 74,990
HR 134BS Refrigerator Type: Single Door
Capacity: 120 LITRES
₦ 48,000
HRF 200 LUX Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 200 Litres
₦ 145,000
HR 195BS Refrigerator Type: Side by Side Refrigerator
Capacity: 512L
Digitally- Controlled

Currently Haier Thermocool has the best fridges and freezer in Nigeria according to user ratings on Jumia Nigeria. The brand is well known for its quality products such as the single and double door fridges, bedside/table top refrigerators and deep freezers


LG Fridges and Freezer Prices in Nigeria

LG Refrigerator Model Specs Price
GN-Y331SLBB Capacity: 199-Litre
Refrigerator Type: Single Door
REF 502 HLHU-H Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 471 Litres
GC-131QS Refrigerator Type: Single Door
Capacity: 150 LITRES
272 SLCL Refrigerator Type: Double Door Top Freezer Refrigerator
Capacity: 272 Litres
331SLBB Refrigerator Type: One Door
Capacity: 199 Litres

LG refrigerators are highly rated for performance. LG chest freezer have are have adequate storage space for food items and can preserve them for long hours.


Deep Freezer price in Nigeria

Deep Freezer Brand Specs Price
Hisense Double Door Chest Freezer Capacity: 420 Liters
Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Scanfrost Deep Freezer Capacity: 250-Litre ₦ 91,990
Haier Thermocool Deep Freezer Capacity: 219 Litres storage capacity
100-hours (4 days) freezing capacity after power outage
₦ 98,990
Nexus Chest Freezer Capacity: 200 Litres
High-Efficiency Compressor
₦ 76,990
Bruhm Deep/Chest Freezer Refrigerator Type: Double Door
Capacity: 290 Litres
₦ 123,949
Haier Thermocool Refrigerator Type: Single Door
Capacity: 120 Litres
Mini freezer room
₦ 48,042
5 Days Maintaining the temperature
₦ 69,500
 Price might have changed since when this post was made. If the price changed & you know the recent price, kindly help drop it via the comment for us to update