Adidas Aerobounce ST Price in Nigeria

Adidas Aerobounce ST Price in Nigeria
  • Medium internal arch
  • Snug fit for a medium-wide foot


  • Medial midsole more show (and added weight) than substance
  • Too loose of a fit for my foot


Adidas Aerobounce ST is a mid-weight low-stability shoe built for a medium-wide foot and fits about a half size big. The upper is flexible, including a sub-par heel counter.

Aerobounce ST is a new shoe from adidas, introduced as an attempt to bring stability to their Aerobounce model, both shoes featuring the brand’s new Bounce midsole.

It’s the same weight as GT-2000 4 Lite-Show (in my size)-a shoe I just praised for cutting weight in the 6th version.

For the same weight, the old model GT-2000 far surpasses Aerobounce ST in terms of holding my foot secure.

My foot is on the narrow slant of medium in the heel and medium at the ball, with somewhat skeletal toes that taper in-Aerobounce ST fits a med-wide heel and has more toe room than I prefer.

Adidas Aerobounce ST – Lateral Side

Adidas Aerobounce ST General Info

I’d save both weight and money and go with the 1.2 oz. lighter Aerobounce (no “ST”), for a budget running shoe with a similar medium-width, soft-feel of shoe (see “sole” and “upper” sections for why).

Spending $20 more on the Supernova ST would give you a higher quality midsole material with about .5 oz. additional weight.

In my size (W9.5), Supernova ST is .8oz. heavier, which is significant for me, but the shoe has received higher user ratings than I gave it.

If you have a build that can handle a heavier shoe, and want a more durable, responsive midsole, head to Supernova (regular or ST).

Adidas Aerobounce ST Sole Unit

The Bounce midsole material does not have the “bounce” to it that the brand’s Boost midsole rightly boasts; it fails to impress but IS a lighter material, which makes a difference when a shoe moves to a thicker midsole.

I prefer the benefits of Boost in a thinner midsole, to cut weight, such as in Adizero Tempo 9 and their discontinued Supernova Sequence 9, to this medium-thickness of Bounce foam.

Toward stability, the ST version of Aerobounce adds a Pro-Moderator medial post, for mild overpronators, they say.

Adidas Aerobounce ST - Medial Side

Adidas Aerobounce ST – Medial Side

My podiatrist with 35 years’ experience working with runners told me that, “almost nobody wears out the inside of heels of their shoes,” so I question the necessity of the change of foam.

Perhaps it assists to combat torsion of the shoe, but I’m not sold on it being more helpful than heavy.

Again, given the similarly of the rest of the shoe, I’d go for the lighter and less expensive non-ST version of this shoe, if you like the flexible fit.

Adidas Aerobounce ST - Pair

Adidas Aerobounce ST – Pair

The blown rubber outside performs fine, nothing exceptional good or bad to note in my running with it.

Price of Adidas Aerobounce ST in Nigeria

The price of Adidas Aerobounce ST in Nigeria ranges from N48,000 to N56,000 dependin on your location and depending on the platform you are purchasing it from

 Price might have changed since when this post was made. If the price changed & you know the recent price, kindly help drop it via the comment for us to update