22 Types of weavons and their names

22 Types of weavons and their names

Below is a compiled list of different types of weavons and their names 

Just like any other beauty product, you need to know different types of weaves and their names to get the perfect result. Furthermore, not knowing the weaves type, name and the bundle size you need can result in purchasing the wrong hair, which translates to you not looking pretty and in the process hating weaves.

When it comes to popular and affordable brands in Kenya, Fashion Idol, Angel and Darling are some of the known weave brands. You can easily purchase your ideal hair from any of these brands either online or at one of the shops that specialise with different types of hair.

There are four types of weaves that are popular with women in every corner of the world.

1. Brazilian weave

brazillian weavon

These types of weaves are not only soft but also durable and thick. You can get them in short curly weaves, straight or wavy texture. They have a beautiful bouncy look and the curly ones tend to retain their curls for a long time.

2. Peruvian weaves

Peruvian weaves

Peruvian weaves have a multipurpose texture which means that they will blend well with many hair textures including relaxed hair. If you prefer lightweight but voluminous weaves, then Peruvian hair is for you.

3. Malaysian weaves hair

 Malaysian weaves hair Read

The hair on this weave is soft, extremely manageable and shiny. It works best on relaxed and very fine hair.

4. Indian weaves

indian weavon

This weave has the thickest type of hair and a natural silk appearance. You can get it in loose wave, straight, natural wave, deep wave textures and many other styles.

Different types weavons and their names

There are so many types of weaves from straight, long, curly to short. The style you choose will depend on your preference. For more inspiration, here are different types of weaves and their names.

1. Quick weaves

quick weave

Not every lady has time to sit in a salon for hours to get their hair done. So, if you love spending less time in a salon and want to cut down on your daily morning routine then make quick weaves hairstyles your best friend. These weaves take the shortest time to install and requires the most basic tools: glue, scissors and of course your favourite quick weave. The weave is installed by cutting the size of the track you need and gluing it down.

2. Long weaves

long weave

Long hair will forever be a classic. It is feminine and most women spend most of their life hoping to grow beautiful long hair. You have seen this type of weave on models, actresses and even prominent media personality. So if you are not naturally blessed with long, voluminous hair but you admire it then it is time to get yourself a long weave.

3. Sleek bohemian coco

sleek bohemian coco

This weave comes in different colours from ombre, blonde, purple and many others. Its full bodied has a vibrant natural look, and most ladies can pull off especially the 18-inch bundles. You may need one or two packs depending on your budget and how voluminous you want the hairstyle to be.

3. Nubian weave

nubian weave

When it comes to knowing weavon names, brands such as Fashion Idol tend to have a Nubian weave, and if you choose the curly design, then the curls will retain their shape for quite a while. Women go for Nubian weave because of its soft touch and sexy, youthful vibe.

3. Yaki weave

 yaki weave

Do you want the luxurious model hairstyle look that you see on catwalks? Then hot Yaki weave can fulfill your fantasy. This weave has a velvety texture and feels soft like human hair.

4. Royal weaves

royal weave

If you want a weave with curls that will flatter any face shape, then opt for the Darling Royal weaves. This long hairstyle is one of the latest weaves in Kenya with curls cascading from the top until the end. In fact, the curls are subtle to fit any work environment and make any lady feel like a royal.

5. Sleek classy weave

sleeky classy

This weave will give you a beautiful look that will be hard to forget. The curls are not too tight but bouncy enough to exude a romantic, feminine look. When installed by a professional, this weave will enhance your best facial features.

6. Curly weaves

curly weave

Bouncy curly weaves have the ability to frame your face, make you more feminine and help your hairstyle appear voluminous. You can choose as many bundles of weaves as you want to ensure that your hair looks natural and as full as you want it to be. Depending on your lifestyle, short curly weaves are suitable for those who have busy schedule or those who prefer not to deal with combing hair in the morning.

7. Weaves with bangs

weave with bangs

Weaves hairstyles are the secret behind most ladies changing their hair after every few weeks. And it does not just end there; you can add an interesting element by styling your weave to have bangs.

8. Short weaves

Are you still confused about whether weaves are suitable for you? Well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words, and these short weaves are not only glamorous but also edgy. Short weaves are perfect for women who want to experiment with short hair, but are not ready to chop their natural hair. These weaves range from bowl cuts to pixie cuts. So do not think twice about trying out your short weaves as you will look amazing! Need proof? Check out the following names of weaves and their picture.

a. Royal darling weave

royal darling

If you love short weaves, then you can’t go wrong when you install this Royal darling weave. The short length can give you a boyish look, but the trick to looking feminine is to opt for a Kiki weave in bold colours such as maroon, red, or blonde. Ladies that prefer muted shaded will also stand out with brown Kiki weaves.

b. Side swept bob weave

side swept

Although short, a side-swept bob will frame your face and give you that girly look that can sometimes be hard to achieve with short hair. This weave is low in maintenance, easy to style and has a perfect look fit for any occasion.

c. Shelly weave


This short weave has a short length with low maintenance. Due to its short size, it will showcase your facial features so if your eyes are your best features then enhance with eye pencil and eyeshadow and if it is your lips then go for a lipstick shade that will make the feature to stand out.

d. Bliss darling weave

bliss darling

Short and easy to comb, bliss weave has a full crown that will enable you to stand out from the crowd. You can get the hair with two contrasting colours. The smooth and soft texture gives it a natural look.

Angel weaves

Women from every part of Kenya want to have unlimited access to quality weaves so that they can always look amazing and experiment with different hairstyles. There are various good quality Angel weaves including short, curly, straight and long styles. Here are some Angel hair weaves and their names including pictures.

1. Fantastic curls

fantastic curls 1

Bright hair colours look fantastic in any season. This weavon is easy to manage as it does not require any combining. Some of the curls fall on the face to create a fringe which is perfect for framing the face or hiding a broad forehead.

2. Tiffany Long weave

tiffany long weave

This modern weave is simple yet the long length will quickly make you fabulous. It has many curled strands that give you a head full of beautiful and soft hair.

3. Afro Sayari weave

afro sayari

Do you love puffy hair? Do you want hair that boldly represents African culture yet enhances your facial features then Afro Sayari is what you need. The smart positioning of the weave on the head together with its natural look will make your face and neck slimmer.

4. Magic K Angel weaves

magic k angel

Short weaves will never go out of style as they complement any face shape to make a lady look more beautiful. This weave has a natural soft look and fringe that will make you stand out from a crowd.

Other Angel weaves that you can purchase include: Super Diva, Hawaiian, Ariana, Flat iron short, Top Lazer, Super Maya, Bounce, Clara, Misha, Candy, Elegance, Daniella, Wendy, Eva, Galaxy, Bossanova, Neo, Gypsy and Breeze.

Crochet hair weaves

crochet hair

When it comes to listing the latest weaves in Kenya, crotchet weaves take the top spot. Crotchet weaves have quickly swept the Kenyan hair industry by storm. These types of weaves are a long-term protective style and are easy to install which is perfect for busy ladies.

Just like any other crotchet style, the crochet weaves are installed using a hook and work to give a natural look. While tying a knot is the most common way of crocheting most hair, the knotless or no-knot invisible method works to hide the crotchet weave knots.

Braided weaves

braided weave

African women love to wear braided weaves that make them beautiful and represent their culture. When it comes to braided weaves, what most ladies do is talk to their hairstylist about the type of braided weave they want for example Abuja lines.

Then the hairstylist will make the Abuja lines a few days before. When you go to the salon, your natural hair will be used to make cornrows, and then the braided weave will be added on top using stitching thread. This saves a lot of time you would have spent sitting at the salon. Depending on what you want, the braided weave can be made of any length, using cheap and readily available braids.

Any lady that wants to look good has to know different types of weaves and their names as it helps you choose the right weave depending on your preference. Without knowing the names of the weaves, you can end up purchasing the wrong one and end up with unhappy results.

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