[2020] How To Make Extra Whitening Black Soap

[2020] How To Make Extra Whitening Black Soap

A little prehistory of African Extra Whitening black soap

Here we have whitening black soap recipe, this kind of soap is also known as ‘Ghana Alata Soap’. This soap is often used as a base for other kinds of soaps, and it is quite easy to do, that make it a quite good idea for those who are just beginning their soap making practice.

Regular kinds of soaps are usually made of lye, caustic soda, and surfactant. But black soap requires just water, potash, and oils. An interesting fact is that there are different receipts of black soap in different countries. There is the difference in the recipe even in different parts of Ghana. It is claimed that original recipe is ancient and there are many myths about the properties and benefits of this product.

The original recipe is laborious but in this article we will tell you how to make whitening black soap, without any extra difficulties. Black soaps from Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, and Togo look quite similar. Ethiopian variation often has more gray color. Black soap can have different forms: gel, semi-solid, powder, and bar forms. There is also another natural product for skin

How to make whitening African black soap?

This is a wonderful hygienic means that issued to exfoliate, gently clean skin. People use it for face, body, hands, and hair.

Ingredients for whitening black soap:

Potash Base ingridients

  • 2 1⁄2 cups of warm, distilled water
  • 94.71 to 113.65 g of organic potash

Soap ingridients

  • 68.19 g of prepared potash base
  • 3⁄4 cup or 180 mL of water (distilled)
  • 120 mL of castor oil
  • Same quantity of coconut oil

Potash – is actually ash from plantain, cocoa, and clay. Mix the potash with water. Pour the potash in stainless steel pot. At this stage of the process, it is better to wear vinyl gloves.

  • Boil the water with potash

After the water began to boil, reduce the heat to medium, and wait for 30 minutes. Look at the potash, it is ready when it starts to take a crumbly texture. During this time potash absorbs the water and turns solid.

  • When the potash looks crumbly, it is time to remove it from heat.
  • It is time to start making the soap.
  • Heat the oils over low heat, use a deep pot for this purpose. Pour 120 mL of coconut oil and the same quantity of castor oil. Cook it at the low heat, the coconut oil should melt and combines with the castor oil. It is also possible to use palm oil instead of castor oil.
How To Make Extra Whitening Black Soap
  • Mix 68.19 g of potash and 3⁄4 cup (180 mL) of warm water. Wait for few minutes until the potash dissolves.
  • Mix dissolved potash with the warmed oil.
  • Cook it on high heat until it becomes thicken. Be ready that the process can produce a lot of smoke, so it is better to open the windows.
  • When potash starts to be thick, turn off the heat and let it cool. Now you can stir oils or dyes into the soap.
  • After that, you can cut the soup into bars or put it into the molds.
  • Use sealed container to store the soap.
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